Sunday, September 16, 2012


I cannot believe that fall is almost here! I'm so freaking excited! I absolutely love fall!
I love warm fuzzy sweaters with skinny jeans and boots. I love being able to just throw my hair into a messy ponytail, knowing a hood will be covering it most of the day. I love the smell of rain. I love cuddling under wool blankets and movie nights with my friends. I love bundled up bike rides and swerving around puddles. I  love the smell of my mother's cinnamon and vanilla candles that welcome me whenever i visit. I love Halloween, and being someone, anyone i want to be. I love the smell of pumpkin spice latte's, even if i detest the taste. I love the leaves, red, yellow, and brown. I love deep scarlet lipstick. I love the fuzzy socks, and scarves wound tightly. 

What are your favorite things about fall?

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

It's been too long!

Hello lovelies :)

Sorry it has been so long since our last post. We have both been sort of MIA over the last few months due to our GRADUATING FROM HIGH SCHOOL! BAM! #SO AMPED!

Okay, so now on to the non-caps update.
I, Nelle, Finished my last day of high school on April 20Th. Early, i know. But hey, the second i received my official CHSPE results i was out-a their faster than you can say aloha. Not long after that Bella graduated! AAAHHH so exciting.

However, one of the most exciting things was that only a week later we were on a plane, to EUROPE!.
Okay, seriously, i'm sorry for the caps.

Europe was the time of our lives. Not exactly smooth sailing, but still quite enjoyable. We got to see all of the wonderful places we had dreamed about for so long. In a later post i will go more into our journey. :)

I am sorry for the long overdue update. I promise that we will be posting more now that the most hectic part of our summer is over.


Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Today, I am me.

  It has only hit me today that every step I've made in my entire life is starting to accumulate, to reach the three goals I set for myself right off the back as a child. To graduate from high school, to go to college, and to travel to Europe. Every click of the pen, tap of the toe, every girl scout cookie sold, every afternoon spent doing homework, every last minute project has all led me to right now, right here. It’s almost surreal when I look back and notice everything that has happened since I set those three goals.

  My parents divorced. I moved. My mother remarried. I moved. I made real friends. I moved. I made some more. I joined Girl Scouts. I graduated Junior High. I got a boyfriend. I slid by freshman year. I took honors classes. I made more friends. I lost a few. I decided High School wasn’t my thing. I registered for the CHSPE. I started selling Avon. 

  All throughout these events, I suffered severe depression and an eating disorder. I overcame obstacles that I never would have dreamed of ever being there. I stood at the edge and chose to live. I guess it’s true what they say that “Whatever doesn’t kill you makes you stronger”.

  This morning I woke up with this realization, that all my goals were suddenly coming true and that this would be the end of this part of my life. My teen years. I felt sullen all day, unable to think of what I would do next, what would come after. I started to think of the proudest moments of my life;

Winning a choir award in fifth grade, with a voice I never knew I had.
Being chosen read around after read around with my word. MY VERY OWN WORDS!
Winning the boy, the one every other girl wanted, the only person who I let share my pain, the person who let me break, the person who accepted me, the person who convinced me I was pretty, who slowly but surely helped me overcome my problems, the person who was there.

  Only hours later while watching TV on the couch a new realization came to me. This is the end, but also the beginning to a whole new procession of fresh experiences. This is the start of something bigger than anything yet. I heard a speech in grey anatomy once, it struck a note with me and I’ve said it allowed quite a few time. However until today I was never quite able to take it to heart.

รจ “Today is the day my life begins. Today I become a citizen of the world. Today I become a grownup. Today, I become accountable to someone other than myself and my parents. Accountable for more than my grades. Today I become accountable to the world. To the future. To all the possibilities that life has to offer. Starting today, my job is to show up wide eyed and willing and ready. For what, I don’t know. For anything. For everything. To take on life. To take on love. To take on the responsibility and possibility. Today, my friends our lives begin. And I, for one, can’t wait.”

  Today I sit at my computer and write this, free of sadness and filled with a new kind of confidence. I do not believe that even at the age of 75 or even 100 that I will ever be ‘all grown up’ because the truth is no matter how old we get and how many goals we reach their will always be new things to experience and new goals to achieve. Today I am 16 years young. Today I am me.


Friday, January 27, 2012

Bella here! just talking about diffrent eyeshadows i have and how i feel about them :]
thanks for watching! follow, comment and let us know what you want to hear from us!
-love Bella♥

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

My favorite Youtube Beauty Gurus

Hey guys, Nelle here. :)

So today i decided to do a post about my favorite beauty gurus on YouTube. I narrowed it down to five very different gurus so that I might find one for every type of girl.

Now you may be asking? What is a beauty guru? Basically they upload videos of makeup tutorials, hauls, reviews, and miscellaneous beauty related things. They spread the word on great products and are very relatable.

In no particular order:

 Elle Fowler: AllTheGlitter21

For the girly girls who love anything pink and feminine.

Rebecca Kelsey: RebeccaKelsey

For the down to earth girls who are looking for great green beauty products.


Hayley: Hayleyistcb

For the outspoken and the edgy who aren’t afraid to be a bit wild.


Lindsey: Beautybaby44

Perfect for trendy teens who want someone to relate to.


Emily: emilynoel83

Perfect for everyone. She covers every beauty topic and uploads videos almost daily.

Monday, January 23, 2012

hey guys, its bella here. just thought i would post again. :D

so i guess i will tell you a bit about myself, since we havent really posted much.

so here are some more random facts about me:

-i love stickers, even though im prolly to old for them X3

-i use far too many faces in my writing, and even use them in class work sometimes.

-Bella is not my real name, but it is what i much prefer to my birth name. when i move out im going to change it. :]

-i wear one contact. not two, just one. and sometimes i wear my glasses.

-if i could only wear one outfit for the rest of my life, it would be my high school's P.E. sweat pants, and an areopostale cami. i love those things. i own about thrity, no joke. :p

-i hate spiders. they are icky and gross and i dot care how good they are... if one gets in my way i will scream untill someone smashes it.


Hope you guys enjoyed getting to know me better! Comment and Subcribe :D
Love from meee, Bella ♥