Monday, January 23, 2012

hey guys, its bella here. just thought i would post again. :D

so i guess i will tell you a bit about myself, since we havent really posted much.

so here are some more random facts about me:

-i love stickers, even though im prolly to old for them X3

-i use far too many faces in my writing, and even use them in class work sometimes.

-Bella is not my real name, but it is what i much prefer to my birth name. when i move out im going to change it. :]

-i wear one contact. not two, just one. and sometimes i wear my glasses.

-if i could only wear one outfit for the rest of my life, it would be my high school's P.E. sweat pants, and an areopostale cami. i love those things. i own about thrity, no joke. :p

-i hate spiders. they are icky and gross and i dot care how good they are... if one gets in my way i will scream untill someone smashes it.


Hope you guys enjoyed getting to know me better! Comment and Subcribe :D
Love from meee, Bella ♥


  1. That is an interesting fact that you wear only one contact lens.

    I hate spiders also!! Can't stand them.

    Thanks for visiting my blog. PLease visit again soon and follow when you have the chance.

    I am now a new follower. Look forward to reading your posts.

  2. thanks for reading, following, and commenting! :]
    ill def look and see what your blog is about too :D
    yuoou support means the world to us!!