Friday, January 27, 2012

Bella here! just talking about diffrent eyeshadows i have and how i feel about them :]
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-love Bella♥

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

My favorite Youtube Beauty Gurus

Hey guys, Nelle here. :)

So today i decided to do a post about my favorite beauty gurus on YouTube. I narrowed it down to five very different gurus so that I might find one for every type of girl.

Now you may be asking? What is a beauty guru? Basically they upload videos of makeup tutorials, hauls, reviews, and miscellaneous beauty related things. They spread the word on great products and are very relatable.

In no particular order:

 Elle Fowler: AllTheGlitter21

For the girly girls who love anything pink and feminine.

Rebecca Kelsey: RebeccaKelsey

For the down to earth girls who are looking for great green beauty products.


Hayley: Hayleyistcb

For the outspoken and the edgy who aren’t afraid to be a bit wild.


Lindsey: Beautybaby44

Perfect for trendy teens who want someone to relate to.


Emily: emilynoel83

Perfect for everyone. She covers every beauty topic and uploads videos almost daily.

Monday, January 23, 2012

hey guys, its bella here. just thought i would post again. :D

so i guess i will tell you a bit about myself, since we havent really posted much.

so here are some more random facts about me:

-i love stickers, even though im prolly to old for them X3

-i use far too many faces in my writing, and even use them in class work sometimes.

-Bella is not my real name, but it is what i much prefer to my birth name. when i move out im going to change it. :]

-i wear one contact. not two, just one. and sometimes i wear my glasses.

-if i could only wear one outfit for the rest of my life, it would be my high school's P.E. sweat pants, and an areopostale cami. i love those things. i own about thrity, no joke. :p

-i hate spiders. they are icky and gross and i dot care how good they are... if one gets in my way i will scream untill someone smashes it.


Hope you guys enjoyed getting to know me better! Comment and Subcribe :D
Love from meee, Bella ♥

Saturday, January 21, 2012

What's in Bella's Purse ♥

Get To Know Us ☺

Hey guys, it's Nelle and Bella here. We decided to do a get to know me questionnaire so that you could get to know us. Haha. We will both be answering the questions, Bella in Pink, and Nelle in Black. M'kay, now on to the questions!!!


I'm a cat person.
Koalas, racoons, small rodents basically. Except rats.

Ewww, why would i want to do a sport. The closest thing to a sport that i would do is swimming.
Is shopping a sport?

Summer: shorts, shirtless guys, and tans. What's not to love?
Autumn, its not to hot, not to cold.

TV Shows
Teen Mom, Sixteen and Pregnant, Family Guy, sometimes Southpark, and Futurama.
Face Off, Gossip Girl, How I Met Your Mother, CSI, Law and Order, NCIS, and Dance Moms.

Dr. Pepper, Tea, Coffee with way too much crap in it, and Pink Gatorade.
Pespi, Lemonaid, and H2O

Love Rosie, any and all of the Gossip Girl books, basicly any chick novel

I kinda like eveything, except country! ><
Everything!!! except for rap.
I like Christmas, and if my birthday counts. 
I like May Day

Sushi, Fried Chicken, Pretty much anything that's bad for you.
Penne Alfredo, Roast Chicken, and latkes.
I own 221 bottles of nail polish right now. Also I love Harajuku Lovers stuff, Hello Kitty, facebook, and anything pink anf glittery.
Makeup, collaging, fashion, youtube, Harry Potter.
Orange, Camo, Spiders, Bad Drivers,
Hate is a strong word. But i strongly dislike alot.
Plans For The Future
Preschool or kindergarden teacher and marry and have babies.Lots and lots of babies.
Travel the world, complete my bucket list, discover new stuff, and overcome my fears.