Wednesday, January 25, 2012

My favorite Youtube Beauty Gurus

Hey guys, Nelle here. :)

So today i decided to do a post about my favorite beauty gurus on YouTube. I narrowed it down to five very different gurus so that I might find one for every type of girl.

Now you may be asking? What is a beauty guru? Basically they upload videos of makeup tutorials, hauls, reviews, and miscellaneous beauty related things. They spread the word on great products and are very relatable.

In no particular order:

 Elle Fowler: AllTheGlitter21

For the girly girls who love anything pink and feminine.

Rebecca Kelsey: RebeccaKelsey

For the down to earth girls who are looking for great green beauty products.


Hayley: Hayleyistcb

For the outspoken and the edgy who aren’t afraid to be a bit wild.


Lindsey: Beautybaby44

Perfect for trendy teens who want someone to relate to.


Emily: emilynoel83

Perfect for everyone. She covers every beauty topic and uploads videos almost daily.

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